The Fish Doctor 

Water Feature Design, Construction and Maintenance since 1983

PROPERTY MANAGER, HOME OWNER ASSOCIATION Water feature common areas, basins, streams and floodgates in need of cleanup and maintenance? Clean and update old aquatic systems engineering to extend equipment lifecycle longevity. Reduce electrical consumption and improve water quality today...Guaranteed!

ARCHITECT, LAND DEVELOPER, BUILDER Protect your reputation and budget from unnecessary callbacks and cost overruns. Professional design consultation during the planning stage of any water feature is essential to ensure clear water, economical long term maintenance and equipment lifecycle cost. Call for professional review before construction proceeds. Special wholesale rates available to the trade.

HOME OWNER, BUSINESS Unsightly aquarium, fountain, KOI Pond or lake with sick fish? Call for a professional review of fish keeping standards to improve water quality and reduce cost associated with livestock replacement. Healthy fish and invertebrates!

LIVESTOCK AND EQUIPMENT Pumps - Motors - Filters KOI, Trout, Bass Salt Water Fish and Invertebrates Lawn, Garden and Patio Fountains KOI Ponds and Lakes Custom Aquariums and Aquarium Redesign Pet Store Aquatic Displays and System Engineering Aquatic Film Production - Livestock Supervision and Acrylic, Glass, or Fiberglas Set-up and Maintenance Reservoirsí for Agriculture and Livebearer Production 

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